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The Burma Medical Council, as it was known then, was formed under the Burma Medical Council Acts, 1957. This Act was subsequently repealed and the Myanmar Medical Council Law was drafted and came into force on January 14, 2000.

The Myanmar Medical Council Law was modified on April 9, 2015 and the Council was reformed on February 6, 2016 as an independent body with a more comprehensive role beyond the scope of the responsibilities and functions of the previous organization.


To protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of patients and the general public by well qualified doctors, fostering good medical practice, promoting high standards of medical education and training and dealing firmly with doctors whose fitness to practice is in doubt.


To ensure the highest standard of medical ethics and good medical practice of Myanmar medical practitioners in the best interests of the patient and society as a whole.


The Myanmar Medical Council is the non-government independent body which is responsible not only for registration and licensing of medical practitioners but also functions as a re regulatory body overseeing good medical practice, ethics, accreditation of medical schools and institutions and networking with other medical councils with ASEAN members States and beyond.

Patients and society at large, expect doctors to be responsible and accountable to their patients, both to their individuals needs as well  as to the larger community. Much trust is therefore endowed upon doctors to perform their best under any circumstances.

The Myanmar Medical Council can only set down guidelines and code of conduct. It is a regulatory body acting as a beacon to guide medical practitioners and professionals not to stray from the tenet “do no harm “. It is upon individuals doctor to ensure that professionalism, altruism, ethics and integrity will always be upheld.

The Myanmar Medical Council is fully aware of changing trend in the era of rapid advances in technology and biotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diverse diseases and conditions influenced by genetics and environment factors and the changing social norms taking place rapidly in Myanmar as well as in the rest of the world.

Hence, the Council bears in mind, that Myanmar Council Law needs to be modified and amended to be relevant, appropriate and commensurate with the changes taking place and therefore, a modification of the Myanmar Medical Council Law was approved on April 9,2015. This, however will again be subject to further modifications as and when necessary.

The Myanmar Medical Council Law 2015 booklet has been widely distributed to all doctors in Myanmar, including the newly graduated. It is up to the members of the medical profession to read it, study it comprehensively and adhere to its principles so that the standard, quality and integrity of Myanmar doctors will be among the highest.


  • Recognition and registrable of medical degrees conferred by any local or university of Institution or School or any other organization.
  • Registration of medical practitoners.
  • Issurance of license to pratise for registered medical practitioners.
  • Compilation, maintainance and updating of computerized data of registered medical practitioners and the list of licensed medical practitioners
  • Provision of Certificate of Good Standing as and when necessary to the appropriate authorities for training and education of registered medical practitioners.
  • Promote, recognize and accreditation medical education and institutions.
  • Prescribe and promulgate good medical practice.
  • Investigate, examine and take action firmly and fairly in case of failure in conduct and ethics of the medical practitioners.
  • Submit suggestions to Minister of Health & Sports on matter relating to the practice of medicine in Myanmar.
  • Communicate, cooperate with international, regional, local and foreign government departments, organizations and experts on matters to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public in practice of medicine.